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Thermal Image Drone Inspections in the Oklahoma City Area

Thermal Image Drone Inspections in the Oklahoma City Area

Most property owners have no desire to climb up to their roof to see if there is damage and if so, the extent of the damage. Many roofing contractors count on this and tell you whatever you want to hear to get the sale. However, at Advantage Roofing, we offer thermal image drone inspections for your roofs so that you can see the damage first hand, without having to get up to the roof to do so.

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Thermal Image Drone Inspections in the Oklahoma City Area

Our goal is transparency and education for all of our customers which is why we conduct thermal image drone inspections for all roofs we inspect. Our state of the art drone technology allows us to conduct a safe and thorough inspection. We then will show you the data so you can see the results for yourself.

Infrared Thermography inspections detect roof moisture problems before they go to far. This is a state of the art method for detecting trapped moisture problems in flat roofs which will help building owners and property management companies find problems before units on lower floors become compromised by roof leaks. If the damage has already occurred, Thermal Imaging helps to identify the problem quickly. Thermal roof inspections should be performed whenever a building is sold, purchased or leased. Advantage Roofing performs Thermal Roof Inspections in the Greater Oklahoma City area.

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