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The Difference between Shingle and Tile Roofs
Whenever you’re searching for a new roof, it’s nearly impossible not to encounter tile and shingle options. They’re undoubtedly two of the most frequently used roofing materials in the United States and are quite popular among many homeowners too.

Repair or Replace My Roof: Which One’s Better?
To help you with your decision, here are three questions you need to ask yourself to determine which choice is better for your predicament:

How You Can Save Money on Insurance with a Metal RoofHow You Can Save Money on Insurance with a Metal Roof
Many insurance companies are aware of the advantages of metal roofing, so they give significant markdowns to qualified systems. You can even save up to 30% on your insurance premiums.

Adding Value to Your Home with Metal RoofingAdding Value to Your Home with Metal Roofing
A metal roof isn’t always the first choice for many homeowners since it’s typically overshadowed by the popularity of tile or wood. Despite this, a high-performing quality metal roof can outperform conventional roofing options.

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